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Have you ever given a non-finished painting as a gift?

My friends Anna and Mikael got engaged in the fall 2007, and I actually gave them a grey sketch. I promised to finish it later when I knew the color scheme of their future home, or something. ‘Later’ turned out to be today, two and a half years later. Perhaps I should have added a baby bottle. They had a baby girl faster than I paint!

These mugs are manufactured by the Swedish company Höganäs Keramik. I really like the shape. I also need to mention that I borrowed the sun-lit backdrop from one of my favorite daily painters.

I know Anna and Mikael better nowadays, and I think neither of them drink black coffee. Nevertheless, the mugs symbolize togetherness.


And why is this posted in the ‘my kids paint’ category? Well, I often let them brush a few strokes. They know how to add structure.

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