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I’ve been extremely tired recently. This blog demands so much more work than I had imagined.

We’re living in a one-bedroom flat, which means we have to make room for dinner plates right where I create my masterpieces. (Once I accidentally dipped the brush in my daughter’s glass of milk.) The kitchen is an abandoned mess. The toilet sink is clogged with paint.

I work, and I have small children who need to be fed and loved. I paint mostly when they are asleep. That’s when my body tells me I need to sleep, too.

So. Why do I want to keep doing this? Because I want to try the “discipline instead of inspiration” theory. Instead of watching TV, I paint. Instead of being on Facebook, YouTube, and blogs, I paint. I simply can’t go back to complaining about the lack of time, or lack of creative activities in my life, without putting in some real effort. I want to die knowing I tried at least once. (Which sounds more dramatic than intended.)

Here’s today’s painting. My favorite fruit. Mango!


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