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I had the flu, sorry about the pause.

I did find my oil colors and try them out, despite everything. It’s been years. I decided to try something small to begin with (this canvas is 5 X 7 cm!). And I felt completely lost! I simply can’t make the color behave like I want it to. And, how long does it take for the thinnest of layers to dry? After two days it’s still wet.

My son (5) took these pictures with my iPhone, while I was struggling.


(Except for the last one, which my husband took.)

EDIT: I’m kind of ashamed of the picture with me on it. Well, I had a fever, have mercy! The point is my son’s love for iPhotography, and, I’d say, for me.

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This time I worked a little bit on the backdrop, too.

When I painted this, I kept thinking about how much I enjoy painting nowadays. And that’s really something. Thank you for taking these tiny steps with me, blogger friend!

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Green Means Go

Three shiny granny smiths. I give you “Green means go”.


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