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I really loved painting those earrings I posted yesterday, and wanted to keep studying shiny objects. I placed this heart-shaped pendant from VĂ¥ga on my red velvet dress, which I wrinkled. I’m not sure whether this is what I’ll call ‘one of those early trials and errors’ later, or not.

I now remembered how difficult it is to paint red shades. As you can see I tried brown, black, and blue, and none of those alternatives look realistic (which I aim for, at this point). Let me know if you have some pointers! I think most camera lenses have the same problem. Red objects are translated into one-dimensional blobs of plain red color when the photo is taken. Why?

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After the Party

These are the smallest objects I have ever painted: egg-shaped hematite earrings from Misaki, a christmas gift from my husband.


My husband Ben and our friend Robert were watching Alien (1979) in the same room while I painted these. Do you see why I mention that?

I’m not completely happy with the composition though; I wanted them to look like they were casually thrown on the bed side table, or something. I guess I’ll give them one more try later.

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