Still Nothing

Dear blogger friend, I am sorry about the lack of action on saaraspaintings.com. My family faced some change, and we are all still adjusting. I have not had the time nor the energy for anything else than my daytime job, household stuff, and taking care of the kids; the essential.

I miss painting, I miss you!


Red Things: Plums






I felt like an old lady painting this.
(Not in a bad way. If there is a bad way.)

Second Aubergine

One more eggplant. 80’s style.





My husband saw this beautiful, shiny eggplant, and brought it home for me. He is my very own male muse.

He also suggested that I should consider moving on, and start painting people, or someting. And to be honest, I’m slowly starting to get bored with these still life paintings. My first goal was to force my eye to see, and train technique. The second step would be to explore new territories, and to actually express something. Not there yet though!

As I said earlier, I’ve done the first part in art school, but that was more than 15 years ago, and I haven’t really been painting since. Is this how it feels like when you’re learning how to walk again after a stroke? Shaky, sometimes frustrated, yet glad to be alive.